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  • Introduction To The Stock Market: We're doing a short and punchy deep dive into the importance of investing. We're gonna talk about healthy methods of spending and the formulas I use (and you can too) to create generational wealth through stocks!
  • Breaking Down The Basics: Index funds are going to compound at least 6-8% on your money every year ... this kills your bank! your bank is only gonna give you 0.08% per year... that's pennies on a dollar! watch this module close! learn the ways of the wealthy!
  • Investing In Practice : Researching is really important when investing. You're not gonna invest if you haven't researched. You gotta learn the ticker symbols. Use wikipedia, founder, yahoo finance... we want businesses that have more cash than debt. Imma show you how to find them and do your research properly.
  • Choosing A Strategy That Suits You: Earn passive income through dividends. Making your money work twice as hard for you as you do for it. Capitalize on a company's momentum with growth investing. Value investing (my favourite method of investing) involves a little bit of growth and a little bit of dividends. I expose it all in this chapter!
  • Pulling The Trigger: Imma walk you through setting up your first brokerage account. Step by step journey with me and we can get you on the fast road to stock investing! plus I'm gonna show you how each asset is working for or against you, we wanna understand this so we can set your portfolio up strategically. 


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